Capoeira på Workout Wednesday @ Blindern Athletica

Capoeira på Workout Wednesday @ Blindern Athletica

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Workout Wednesday is SiO Athletica’s monthly members’ day with special activites and great offers. 

Everyone is welcome (no need to be SIO or OSI member)

Capoeira with OSI
6pm – 7pm: Capoeira with OSI
Capoeira was developed by Brazilian slaves. Capoeira is characterized by a lot of movement, either on the ground or in the air. The slaves probably developed the dance to hide the preparations for rebellion against the slave owners. Because of this, Capoeira is both a dance and a martial art. The game is about highlighting the opponent’s weak points and avoiding making himself vulnerable to kicks or closures. In capoeira, a kick is extremely rarely blocked and most often kicked over or past the opponent. Instead of blocking, the goal is to “float” in the direction of the movement and respond to it. During this hour, the OSI will take you through various elements within Capoeira and make sure you get a different and fun workout.

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